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If someone ever tells you a certain song is important to them you should turn it up and lay on your bed and close your eyes and really listen to it even if its 10 minutes long because at the end you will know that person much better I think

My love for this post is unbelievable.

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dreams would be much more fun if they were multi-player servers that other sleeping people could join


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Benedict Cumberbatch - Outstanding Lead Actor in a Miniseries or a Movie - Emmy Awards 2014
Martin Freeman - Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Miniseries or a Movie - Emmy Awards 2014


power couple.


+ [3/7] scenes:
"No, I was just thinking. I mean, obviously you can’t, but, you’ve got a time machine. Why can’t you just go back to last week and warn them?" 
"As soon as the Tardis lands in that second, I become part of events, stuck in the timeline."
"Yeah, thought it’d be something like that." 


sex on legs





Moffat:  So the Doctor flirts with all his companians...
Peter:  No.
Moffat:  What?
Peter:  No this one isn't flirting with Clara.
Moffat:  But--
Peter:  A dinosaur.
Peter:  He'll flirt with a T Rex.

Mythology | Valkyrie 

Valkyries (from the Old Norse Valkyrja, in Norse mythology, daughters of the principal god Odin, are often called Odin’s maidens. At his bidding, they flew on their horses over the fields of every battle to choose the souls of the heroic dead. Belief in the existence of magic horsewomen from heaven was widespread in Germanic and Scandinavia cultures, though they were called by different names.

The Valkyries carried out the will of Odin in determining the victors in battle and of course the war.  As each Valkyrie performed differing tasks according to Odin’s instruction, it was their prime duty to ride into the battlefield and choose the fallen heroes of the field. To be chosen by a Valkyrie and carried off on her white steed to Valhalla was considered an honor to the dying Viking warrior, for Valkyries only chose the bravest of the slain, gathering souls found deserving of an afterlife. They traveled far-and-wide searching for the dead in battlefields, oceans and seas for mortal men worthy of the grand hall. However, if the Viking warriors are deemed unworthy by the Valkyries, the goddess Hel in a cheerless underground world received them after their death. [x]

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Four paws make the best pillow


Four paws make the best pillow

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please just — just see me.
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